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Low Cost & Effective

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection for all your devices

We manage your IT security conveniently using ESET Cloud Administrator. We create a single-point overview of your entire network security, with Pro-Active monitoring, allowing us to react immediately from wherever in the world, giving you complete peace of mind.

  • All your network security management in one place
  • Always the latest version – updates automatically
  • No need for extra hardware

ESET Partners

ESET solutions are well known for their low resource requirements while providing enterprise class virus protection. As an authorised ESET partner Black Nova Designs can deliver the very best of ESET products, directly to you, providing you the very security for your business, educational or even home devices.

ESET Endpoint Security gives you confidence that comes with complete endpoint protection and control. All-in-one security combines anti-malware, anti-spam, two-way firewall, content filtering and device control, providing you with complete protection under single-console management for multiple platforms and solutions.

What will ESET do for you?

Antivirus software packages have been designed to help identify, prevent, and remove viruses from various devices and the best packages are created so that they update regularly to detect new threats as they become apparent. ESET, the program that we recommend is one of these packages.

Within minutes of connecting to the internet we open up ourselves to a plethora of virus’ designed to damage our devices, some of which may also wish to steal our data to use or hold ransom. Even devices which do not have a live internet connection are not safe and can be infected by other unsecure devices such as connecting a phone to a PC, inserting a usb drive etc.

ESET Endpoint Protection is an advanced virus, malware and ransomware protection program that can be deployed onto windows, mac/linux or android devices to help safeguard your data. It is currently utilised by over 110 million users worldwide due to the incredible amount of time and investment that it puts into its threat and virus protection R&D projects. This allows them to be one step ahead of new and developing threats to your systems and importantly keeping your data safe.

Due to the above level of development they put into their products and the end result we have decided to partner with ESET which allows us to offer this product at a completive price.

There are various options available, from home users to all levels of business (small, medium or enterprise). Some of the most important benefits you will get from choosing ESET Endpoint Protection are below;

  • Protect your computer with award-winning antivirus
  • Keep you safe from attacks that demand a ransom to unlock your data
  • Stop hackers from accessing your computer
  • Enable you to shop and bank online knowing that your transactions are safe
  • Keep your network safe across all connected smart devices
  • Safely store and prefill your passwords so that you don’t have to remember them
  • Encrypt your photos so nobody else can see them
  • Keep your smartphone/tablet safe with superior security for your Android
  • Keep your data protected from apps that access it without permission
  • Find your phone in case it gets stolen or lost
  • Stop hackers from accessing your computer
  • Keep your network safe and let you manage it by yourself
  • Keep your computer in a good shape with a small system footprint

Multilayered Technology, Reactive Protection

Allowing you to detect and react to cyber threats fast and effectively.

Ransomware shield

Monitors applications and processes that try to modify data, blocks suspicious activity, and alerts you

Light Footprint

Third-party tests prove that ESET endpoint protection places the lightest load on your network

Reliable assistance

Quality service and fast response in all markets from high-trained professionals at your disposal