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Dramatically reduce IT costs, increase efficiency
and provide total peace of mind.
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We can make certain that your IT system is being utilised at its optimum performance, to ensure the full potential of the company productivity and operations are being met.


Site Survey

Free initial site survey and analysis of IT environment.



Provide solutions, deployment and testing of new infrastructure.


Go Live

Intergrating the new services, while ongoing support is provided.

What we can offer

We learn about your company and it's IT goals and constraints, in order for us to understand where we are starting from and where you want to go.

Confidential Consultancy

We will discuss your needs, from expert computer repair services to software upgrades and hardware installation.

Backup Solutions

High Performance, simple, yet cost-effective backup solutions. With industry-leading technology that give you peace of mind.

Data Storage Solutions

File Storage solutions that are designed around your business model and expand with you.

Cyber Security

We’ll help safeguard your business with our managed security services and industry-leading cyber security solutions.

Desktop Upgrades

As your organization matures and IT becomes increasingly sophisticated, your machines will start to slow.

Pro-active Monitoring

We can implement active monitoring systems, letting you sleep easy as we keep a watchful eye on your infrastructure.

Network Design and Installation

Expertly designed network infrastructures, which work for you and your company.

Server Deployment

Configured and deployed by an expert engineer, minimising downtime and increasing productivity.

On-Site Support

Highly skilled Gurus available to provide support at your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my business really need IT Support?

    Yes. Even if you run a business with just a few computers, our recommendation is that you still have some IT support. You need a reliable IT company to recommend new hardware and software, keep your IT running smoothly and fix problems in a timely manner.

  • Do I need an IT support contact or can I pay a consultant when things go wrong?

    Let’s look at an analogy. If you own a car, then you take it for regular servicing and maintenance. This keeps the car roadworthy and prevents problems from developing. Imagine if you never took the car to be serviced or maintained. Before long the tyres would wear thin, the oil would run out and you’d be in danger of a breakdown or even an accident.

    The same is true for technology. Your business IT network needs regular servicing and maintenance to keep it running and prevent breakdowns. If you only call IT support when things go wrong then the chances are it could cost lots more money to fix the problem and the problem could have been prevented in the first place.

    Prevention is often cheaper than the cure.

  • What price is too low?

    If you think a quotation for IT support sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! If an IT company is offering your 30 IT user business IT support for £300 per month then the math just doesn’t work.

    If they have 10 customers just like yours, then they’d be supporting 300 IT users for £3000 per month. You can’t buy many experienced IT support staff for £3000 per month. This would mean that they’re cutting corners in some way which is a risk to your business.

  • Is it better to look for a local company or does it really not matter?

    It’s true that most IT problems can be solved by your IT company from their own offices. They simply connect to your computer over the internet and are able to control it as if they were sat in front of it. So in theory, the IT company could be based anywhere. However, there are occasions when you might have an emergency, like an internet problem or a virus on the network where remote support alone isn’t enough. In these situations, the IT company needs to be local enough that they can send an engineer to your office within a timely manner. Also, we believe it’s much better to build a long lasting business relationship with your IT supplier. This is difficult to achieve over the phone or through a remote internet connection.

  • If we're unhappy with our current IT Support company, is it easy to change?

    There is no reason why it should be difficult to change your IT support provider, subject to your contract term. I know lots of small business owners who are wary of changing suppliers. We hear things like: “They know our system….” or “We’ve been with them years, I don’t think another company would understand how we’re set up”.

    It’s a fact that lots of small businesses stick with an IT provider who they know doesn’t provide them great IT support for these very reasons – better the devil you know. Any good IT provider will be able to seamlessly take control of your IT systems with minimal fuss. If you’re not happy with your provider, move. It’s as simple as that.

    Tip: Some IT providers closely guard the documentation for your network. Things like key passwords for servers etc. As the business owner, make sure you always have access to up to date documentation. It’s your IT network, so you’re entitled to the setup information.

  • We've spoken to a couple of providers but I'm still not sure which to go with. Can we get IT support on a trail basis?

    Yes, we provide a 3-month cooling off period, which allows you to cancel your contract with us.This will give you more than enough time to assess our skills.