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How to make your website work for you

If you’ve invested in a website for your business, then well done! As we all increasingly live our lives online, it’s important for businesses both large and small to have a website. This becomes especially important during lockdowns when people turn to online shopping and services to replace the face-to-face interaction they can no longer

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Behind the team

We are super excited that our team and brand are rapidly expanding. Our team in the office is a mix of all ages, abilities, and interests. We have lots to be thankful for as the rural and equestrian businesses have really shown us a great deal of support, trust, and confidence over the years and

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Creating a Website 101

We get a few queries every now and again asking about what’s involved in setting up a new website, so I thought I’d answer some of the most common questions you’ve asked!   1) So I’ve decided I want a website, what’s the first thing I need to do? Research! This first thing is to

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Do You Have A Professional Email Address?

Many business owners have their business email address as /gmail/btinternet etc. While this is the easiest way for you to set up a ‘business’ address, it’s actually not the best way to do so. I caught up with Black Nova Designs to find out why. When you use as @hotmail, @outlook, @aol (etc) email address

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