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Home PC's

Suitable for browsing the internet, writing emails, streaming videos and music.

  • Great entry level computers.
  • Choice of AMD or Intel CPU's
  • Small form factor available to reduce size.
  • Perfect for Budgets around £200-£500

Office & Business PC's

Efficient and quiet, but packs a punch, with options for a compact desktop chassis.

  • Can be fitted with Xeon Processors for CAD developers
  • For multitaskers, multimedia or general workstations
  • Built with SSD Performance
  • Perfect for Budgets of £400+

Gaming PC's

Designed to play games, from simple internet games to the latest AAA titles.

  • Built with Ryzen or Intel CPUs.
  • Fitted with dedicated Graphics Cards
  • Can be fully water cooled.
  • Perfect for Budgets of £600+

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AMD CPU’s are popular for those on a budget, and our lowest cost solution. They can can come with or without Onboard graphics and perform extremely well, and normally have more cores, which make perfect CPU’s for CPU intensive applications.

Intel’s Core i3, i5, i7 processors also bring tremendous performance for the money and are a good alternatives to these AMD processors for the price but the I9 is for the ultimate performance. Intel CPU’s generally have a higher clock speed per core making them very powerful for Gaming.


Designed to play games, from simple internet games to the latest AAA titles.

Even if you’re not a gamer, you should look to your graphics card as an important part of the ecosystem when you build your own computer. The GPU is becoming more and more important for everyday tasks, and its power is being seamlessly integrated into modern day operating systems and applications. Everything from Blu-ray playback to transcoding video for your mobile device, the GPU is quickly becoming as important when configuring a custom PC as any other choice.


Designed to play games, from simple internet games to the latest AAA titles.

Memory is an important and often overlooked component in a custom build computer. In today’s computing environment, a custom computer with less than 4GB is unheard of, and less than 8GB is less than desirable. For everyone except those on an extremely tight budget, we highly recommend 8GB+ of memory when you build a computer. It’s better to upgrade to 8GB of RAM before you upgrade to a faster CPU. Also, for most consumers, quantity is better than speed. We offer some faster frequency memory that is utilized best when we do our performance enhancements for speed-freaks and benchmark junkies, but for every day computer users, the difference can only be felt in the wallet.


Designed to play games, from simple internet games to the latest AAA titles.

Your computer’s hard drive is more than just a place to store digital stuff. It also has a tremendous impact on the responsiveness of your PC, as more often than not it’s the slowest component in your computer. If your looking for performance you really need to consider Solid state hard drives as these have no moving hardware, are completely silent and run much cooler than mechanical hard drives. The only downside is they’re more expensive but they are much faster than a stand-alone mechanical drive, but if you have to the best way to run these SSD’s is to run a smaller SSD with a large Mechanical drive as a storage drive. Use the SSD as the system drive and for all priority programs then run a large storage drive to store all your digital data for the best performance combo!