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    Charity Skydive! We Did it!

    Black Nova Designs jumped for charity today, raising money for HEALS of Malmesbury - We would like to say a massive thank you for all the support and donations to help us achieve our goal! We would like to say a huge thank you to GoSkydive for the great opportunity and amazing adrenaline packed experience. We recommend anyone that wants to do something for a bucket list, this should be one of them! Thank you all once again!
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    WIN 8GB of Samsung DDR3 Memory! All you have to do is like our Facebook page Black Nova Designs and Share the competition for the chance to win! Once our likes hit 500, we will announce the winner.
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    HTML 5

    Not a problem, if you like have a look at http://demo.blacknovadesigns.co.uk/codeblue/admin PM'ed you the login details That is a very basic beta 1 of our CodeBlue CMS, Still needs alot of work but gives you an idea of some of the coding used, beware some pages will not work.
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    Rate my sig

    This my black nova design sig. Photoshop by : app101 Rate / Comment Photoshop (PS CS3) by : app101 (PS CS3) Background used are : Naruto Wallpapers (an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. "It is an ongoing Japanese manga series") Font use : ASH, BankGothic Md BT,28 Days Later
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    Hiya All... I am from India

    Hello SimplySidy, Its a pleasure to see you have joined us, and its good your doing something with your life, even though you have set backs. Atleast you are learning and developing in your time and making a living for yourself. I wish you all the best and glad to have you in our forums. Thanks, Kyle
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    Windows 7 Wallpaper - Grunge

    1024 x 600px
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    if you can, do one for me with bnd clan or team with my name on it and site address. bold letters, and the st gr-ogre flag on it some where.... :cool:
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    What computer/laptop do you own?

    um will got got a few pc's and laptops i on my master pc now duo cpu e8400 @3.00ghz with 6gb of ram, my laptop is a Sony sumthing and running round 2.8ghz. but in the room i am in i got 2 gaming server to 1 side with 1 xbox to the projector on the other side an other xbox with 32inch tv for COD then 2 pc by that, behide me is 7 pc's do what ever they need to be doing. i love my pc's :cool:
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    Hey Everyone!

    My name is Josh! I'm 22 years old. Married to my highschool sweetheart. I am really into technology and design. Personally I do hardware (pc building) but that is a design in and of itself. Custom cases and cable work are very difficult aspects of my job. Got any questions? Let me know!
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    A 250px by 135px web banner. the 2nd image is allitle bit off , uploading another image .. 3rd Image 4th One
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    any help needed

    Here is my Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixel): I'm open to any feedbacks , rate and comment. Hope you like it more to come. Blue and red theme same as the logo and also requesting a copy of BND logo without the text. I am open to any possible changes .
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    is this that super duper site or is it a dodgy scam?
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    Gamer Tags?

    Starting a List of Gamer Tags for all platforms whats everyones tags? Xbox: RaptorL33T Steam: skater_229 shows up as name: ./Noise - BlackNovaDesigns.co.uk Add yours on!
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    Show off your Desktops!

    Heres a new one of mine lately.
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    Old days!!

    I cannot not talk about the old days, they were great!! We used to be a great team and we used to have a great big family (starts to sing barney's song!!!) LOL!! I can remember when we had our clan the forum was packed up with discussions and issues and god knows what. I know this isn't a clan forum but without those great days we wouldn't probably be here. So tell me guys - what do you miss most from those days. PS Kyle - I know what you are thinking right now lol