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  1. acdarekar

    Start of Production

    Cool, waiting...
  2. acdarekar

    Start of Production

    Create a private git of interface, if you want to keep it closed source...
  3. acdarekar

    Forums Re-opened.

    To concentrate on studies and my girlfriend, I haven't created IM accounts and I prefer emails or Google groups because, you never loose the main intention behind the conversation.
  4. acdarekar

    Forums Re-opened.

    Hello again, as you have offered us opportunity towards contribution in BND, I would like to suggest that please create a separate place (inside this forum, private section perhaps, with special privileges of course :wink: )so that we(all developers) can stay in touch and check daily updates. Delete this reply as soon as you read it. Shani0610(acdarekar[at]gmail.com)
  5. acdarekar

    Show off your Desktops!

    from today I started using Rocket dock its fully customizable like skin, icons etc.
  6. acdarekar

    [Resolved] A Request !

    Its not a suggestion but a request. Please reconsider the widget infolinks has provided. It really bugs the plain reading.
  7. acdarekar

    Show off your Desktops!

    About the floating toolbar - Its called User Dock. More at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dock_(computing) Dell has provided softwares to enhance user functionality. But you can get that by Object Dock or Rocket dock if you dont have Dell Desktops (Dell has tie up with some company for this software, I guess itsObject Dock. (They are not free .) I remember a softwares provided by the crystalxp.netcalled "launchers". I guess they still are free. But I would like to state that they get freakingly annoying after a few months because they slow down your startup procedure.(Eventually all softs get lazy ) http://www.crystalxp.net/galerie/en.scat.33.html So folks, if you are good at RAM (like more than 1 GB), I guess You can use the docks for the whole lifetime. My own favorite is from http://stardock.com. 8-)
  8. acdarekar

    faviroute film of 2010

    Inception +1 : lol :
  9. acdarekar

    my first button lol

    Can you do anything like this? I mean in different colors and fonts. I found it in my Picasa. It must be from some downloaded HTML pages. Its great, but unfortunately I am not a graphics designer so don't know how to do that. I guess the font used her is Tahoma but I am not sure. You can put it separately for selling or bundle it up with any W/s template. Oh and its glassy as Kyle Said. And as i dont know the owner --or creator at least, I guess its free now.
  10. acdarekar

    Hello All !

    Hey everyone !!! Its Akshay From India. I am just a beginner in web development really looking forward for knowledge. I am good at HTML & CSS and learning PHP on my own. I have been in web development for like 6 months, but I have heck of time cause I have nothing else to do. See y'all around.