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  1. Even I prefer assembling my computer myself. I upgrade the motherboard, CPU, RAM and HDD of my desktop every other year to keep up with the latest PC configuration. I do own an ACER laptop but I haven't upgraded it in last 3 years and I am probably going to buy a new laptop in January next year.
  2. Hey guys, Do you outsource your logo creation? I used to do it till recently but now I am thinking of buying a logo creation software or a free online alternative to design my own logos. I think that it would help me to save money in the long term since I won't have to outsource logos every time. What is your opinion on this? Bryce
  3. I am not a big designer but I used to design wordpress themes and sell them on marketing forums. There's a big market for themes and plugins for all kinds of Content Management Systems and if you can design something that is functional and yet good looking, well you can rake in big money. The only downside is that you will have to provide support to your customers which is also the reason why I stopped selling themes.
  4. I have a Kindle and love reading books on it. Before Kindle came into market, I never thought I could enjoy reading books on an electronice device but now I have virtually abandoned reading physical books. I am not a big fan of other tablets though, I think it's good for entertainment but not good enough for serious work.
  5. I spend at least 10-12 hours per day on the internet. Most of my work involves designing, coding and even marketing on web to certain extent so I am always connected to the internet. Internet could also be a huge time-waster though, you really need to be disciplined otherwse your could easily waste hours surfing aimlessly.
  6. bryce12

    HTML 5

    Wow, you have inspired me to use it for my next project. While I was aware of the advantages, I never thought that it would simplifyy coding to that extent. I am going through the source code of this site's homepage and hope to code something similar soon. Thanks for posting your honest opinion.
  7. I am still using Windows XP, I know it's old but it works for me. I tried shifting to Vista but it was such a disaster that I decided to keep using XP for as long as I could. I am curious about Windows 8 though but probably won't be trying it till next year. I have also loved working in Linux in the past but now I mostly work in WIndows environment.
  8. bryce12

    HTML 5

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has started using HTML 5 while coding their sites. I am a little bit aware of the new tags and attributes but haven't used them for any of my sites. What about you? Have you started using HTML 5 and what has been your experience with it? Best Regards, Bryce
  9. Before I create my site, I check out the sites of my competitors and see how they have designed them and how they are monetizing it. I try to evaluate them as visitors in the niche would do and see if they have any shortcomings. Then I would research keywords and try to find a good number (usually 30-50) with decent search volume and low competition. Then I look for a suitable theme that would match the topic of my site. I usually select a theme that strikes a good balance between useful and commercial content. Since I use Wordpress or similar CMS for my sites, it is easy to find free themes but I don't mind paying for custom themes either.
  10. This is a good list. I also use the following sites for learning more about web development
  11. The webhost that I am using provides free backups at no extra cost. However I also 3rd party tools (Such as WP DB Backup for my Wordpress sites) just to be on the safe side. I wouldn't mind paying extra for secure backups provided it is not very expensive and my webhost guarantees that the backups would be done without fail. I have some bad experiences with backups in the past so I urge everyone to be proactive and take their backups on their own.
  12. I don't use Google Chrome since I am worried about what information Google collects from my system. I have read somewhere that Google Chrome actually acts like a spyware and helps Google to track the online behavior of its users. I don't know whether it is true or not but I would be very concerned if Google knows each and every thing about my online activities. I can sugguest another alternative for those who cannot live without Chrome, it is called Comodo Dragon. It is build on same platform as Chrome but doesn't send information to Google. Try it, you'll love it!
  13. This is indeed strange. In my opinion, it is a step in wrong direction as Microsoft is moving from its open framework to a closed system like iOS. If Windows 8 doesn't support Chrome then I can live with it but if doesn't support support Firefox then I wouldn't buy Windows 8 at all. I have not used Internet Explorer since last 2-3 years and don't plan to use it again.
  14. I prefer to use Notepad or Notepad++ since it is easier to write clean and efficient code by using them. Having said that, I have used Dreamweaver and FrontPage in the past and loved the convenience that came with them. The only thing that I disliked about these 2 tools was that they added some extra code so debugging and maintenance used to take longer than usual.
  15. I like CPanel as well since it is one of the best control panels out there. I used to use command line interace when I started my web career but over the years I have switched to control panels since they are easier to use and save a lot of time. I have also used Plesk but I like CPanel more since it provides a wide variety of options to carry out most of the administration and maintenance activities.
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