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  1. only like cPanel the rest them i hate used few but alway go back to cPanel.
  2. Welcome to the forum please enjoy your visit if there any question please feel free to ask i am sure someone may have answer here
  3. Before create any web site first be what the web site about ! is there any one else currently have same forum/web site if so how big or good is it. Then will be domain good domain helps with any site really then will be design followed by content but alway have plan and stick to it.
  4. My laptop is Advent and when not using that i have my iPad 3 to play around with looking upgrade my laptop next year as current one getting old..
  5. Hello everyone here i like to welcome myself to the forum and hope see few you around . Just small into to who i am really my name is Pete Treanor and i been around the world IPB for over 7 years as customer of IPS and also Coder and Skinner for 5 years started of helpping install mods in 2.1.x then followed by creating mods then creating skins. I now just build skins with little support on the tech side for IPS apps etc hope bring you few design etc in time.
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