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  1. For me, a little research on what are the possible pages that can go on the site are the first thing that I do. And during the search, I also start to get some ideas on what kind of images go on the home page to make it more glossy. Then I do the sketch and all this is sent to the client for the approval.
  2. For years now, it has been long hours... Thanks to the Internet and my illness which doesnt permit me to move out, make friends and enjoy in the real world... I do all that here online at my computer
  3. lol Yes, that happens sometimes with the Custumer care people... btw, does anyone really use floppy diskettes anymore? I mean the ones that were fit on the computer, not the external ones!
  4. SimplySidy


    Hi Pandaa Good to see you here mate. I do hope that we would get to interact a lot here at this forum as we both seem to be away from our busy lives as Admins and are enjoying the times we have saved from work
  5. I fine Ubuntu easier for me. I have it on both my desktops - one of which is from late 1990s. But as Ubuntu doesnt allow me to run Photoshop, I found it difficult to continue with Ubuntu. So I had to parttion my other Desktop to run both XP and Ubuntu. My work sometimes gets me PSDs to convert to HTML and that is where I find myself using Windows XP. I have heard about Vine and using EXEs on LINUX variants, but havent used it ever.
  6. Unfortunately, I have none. Just because I find it quite difficult reading books and again reading books on a computer too is painful at times as I always end up doing some codes or playing games when I am on the computer. My Handset too doesnt support any PDF or any ereader. I think I am getting old and sticking to the traditiional - printed books when it comes to reading them
  7. Ah yes, working at a place where you still get to be in touch with the OS you loved can really be so pleasing. I remember when XP became the de-facto here in India, and I was working as a systems guy, some households would still call up and I would be surprised to see them using the Windows 98 and that was one OS which I felt so good with. And same today, when I see many still using XP here in my state and country. It is sad that Linux/UNIX could never get that popularity which MS OS do have or even the MACs have. Maybe just because these UNIX/LINUX were not meant to be used on Desktops. But those who have worked on these, I am sure, like me, they would never appreciate much on Windows or others.
  8. Let me just warn you... it is not that well organized - at least not in the way I would prefer it to be.... But that said, you already seem to have some knowledge and hence finding your way out might not be an issue
  9. Hi I was just wondering that when it comes to a website host, who should be responsible for the Backups? Recently, my web space provider sent out an email to me stating that they would be doing some migration of webservers and as such the site might be offline for a while. Good, that they emailed me. But what I did not appreciate on the email was the mention of - "Please take a backup of your website, your database and other files and information that you might have stored on our space. We are not responsible for your loss"! What the heck. I did not ask you to migrate your servers and so why are you asking me to take the backups - I already do that once per month and now why should I break my rule? That said, I had to take a backup just because it is my website and I do care about it. Many webhosts do provide a free backup facilty while a few do not. What about your web host provider? do they provide you this backup facility for free or they charge you an amount?
  10. Hi With so many variations of UNIX flavors around, mostly called LINUX, I wonder what you guys use. Personally, I have worked on SCO (that was one UNIX which I loved), Red Hat, Fedora, and Ubuntu. Today, as I am mostly at home, and not in a Corporate Envionment, I do miss working on the larger netwrok versions, SCO still being the one I miss, but I do appreciate Ubuntu which is lightweight and almost many goodies come pre-bundled. What about you?
  11. How about looking up at this website - http://www.w3schools.com That is a great place to know and learn about HTML, CSS and many other website programming/coding tools. Though I would not say that it would make you an expert but yes, it covers all those subjects much better than most on the Internet and also they are now believed to be an authority when it comes to learning about Internet and Website Development... try having a look at that website and start with HTML and follow it up with CSS. Then the Janascript and once done with these, you can think about PHP or ASP.
  12. Agreed that many still use Windows. But wait. Out of these many still use Windows XP (at least here in India) and many still use Windows 7. Windows 8is relatively much newere and it is still going to take a while when all these users would shift to using Windows 8. Personally, I never will as my computers dont have the specs to run Windows 8. So I would be better off with linux flavors - I still have Ubuntu on both my computers. As such, I am sure that this startegy of forcing people to stick with IE from Microsoft would not go a long way. They cannot do such a blocking of chrome or Firefox and if they really go with it (as they are the owners and the sole people who develop Windows), chances are that they are digging their own graves. But wasnt that said earlier when ME had arrived on the scene or later Windows Vista? But nevertheless, I do think at least they would lose some customers if not many.
  13. I am not surprised with this. I always think that google does similar whenever one uses their services. And personally, that doesnt make much difference to me as long as that data is not used against me. Coming to the point to our surf data being stolen and stored - I cannot be sure if other browsers dont do this... They might be doing the same and only thing we are unable to catch them doing it. On the internet and also in the real life, most of the things run on trust and faith. When I use something, it is just this faith... and as long that trust and faith is not laid down, I think we should all move on with what we are doing... the Google Chrome or any other for that instance.
  14. Seems, I am ancient when I read about the specs above :lol I have two of these here. One is since 1998 (I told you I was ancient) - and it still runs fine with the Celeron Processor and 512 MB RAM. It has a 20GB HDD which makes all those sounds as the heads read and write... but still, it is going on well for my offline work - I have Ubuntu 3 on that. The other one I have which I use frequently for work has XP and Ubuntu 11.10 - I did not upgrade that to Ubuntu 12.10. And it has 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD and dual core Intel Processor. I got this one during 2007. Both of my computers are assembled by me and have been working fine (touchwood) though, I have had to change the Keyboard and Mouse on them many times - still that has not been an annual affair...
  15. Thanks Kyle. I am quite hopeful that I would meet some great peole who would not hesitate sharing Gems of their knowledge and expertise and I would love to learn from them.
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