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  1. Stiflex

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas to you to, It was a beautiful christmas eve in Lithuania, for no reason - fireworks started shooting out of nowhere, it was beautiful. I can't wait for the next years celebration I've received a keyboard, more for a mac or a laptop, but its really portable, I wanted a razer one, but ehh. It'll do
  2. Stiflex

    I wouldn't put this past some people!

    Well, if you go to your controll panel, and follow the folders down to your operating systems files, you could just simply delete the turn off button, or why not just everything in that case? And are you guys still using freakin floppy disks? Arent they like .. 1mb each? A USB could hold up to 16gb (the largest one I have).
  3. Stiflex

    Hey there, stiflex here.

    Hey there, its really nice to meet you. And thanks for the helpfull offer
  4. Stiflex

    Anyone played Far Cry 3?

    Right, soo I've tried it. Turns out its the freakin game of the year. You just MUST buy it, or download it or w/e. The hunting trials, and the whole crafting idea is genious, the "tattao" idea is clever - it brigs a distict aspect to the game. And I won't even start on the story-line. Its like the whole time I'm stoned as hell, and everyone's a freaking pscycho.
  5. Stiflex

    Website Builders

    Webly, or webs.com or even forumation are the best by far, even though they are free and if you do pay, its pretty cheap. They still offer really good website building services. People can make some really good looking sites using them, just well obviously the domain would look awfull.
  6. Stiflex

    day of LoL

    What server do you play on? Pm me if its EU/East, I could jungle/tank/adc/apc/solotop ;p
  7. Stiflex

    Hey everyone!

    Hey there Jay, glad to have you on board. I hope you enjoy these wonderfull forums What kind of apps were you creating, also are they ment or anything related to webdesign? Also, goodluck with your studies.
  8. Stiflex

    I'll Start This Off! Your Favorite Console?

    Why console? I'd rather pick the PC platform, its much more reliable and its performance is a lot better than the 6 year old xbox. Either the way, if its console than I'll chose the PS3, xbox'es have the tendancies of dying, all the freaking time.
  9. Stiflex

    Anyone played Far Cry 3?

    I'd just like to hear what are your opinions on this game, it looks pretty sweet - the hunting and all. But is it actually worth the money? I've seen a bit of the story-line, and its intense, spacious and has a druggy aspect to it. I heard it glitchy, It actually looks really good though. What are your opinions on this new game? I'm considering, if I should purchase it or not.
  10. Stiflex

    Hey there, stiflex here.

    Hello everyone, I'm not completely new here but still haven't made my introduction! Anyways, I'm Stiflex and I'm a website owner like most of you, and I specify in Gaming websites and everything that has to do with gaming. I'm a gamer myself, and I promote other people's media, aswell as mine. I'm currently on the topic "Minecraft" and am trying to create a community, thats also going to have partnerships, directorships and so forth. I'm not really too good at website designing or managment or anything along those lines. This is why I came here, to learn more about it! Anyways, I'm glad to meed you guys - hope I enjoy my stay here
  11. Stiflex

    Which Control Panel Do You Prefer?

    CPanel is by far the easiest platform to actually use, even though its pretty expensive and not worth buying for starters imo. Its over 200$ if you purchase the legitamate version. Either the way, it has a really amazing feature, Leech Protection and IP Denial. Most panels don't actually have that automaticly installed.
  12. These sites are usefull, thanks for sharing them!
  13. Stiflex

    my first design :)

    Damn that looks epic, is it from Warhammer 40K?
  14. Stiflex

    Rate my sig

    Its a really impressive banner. I'd give it 9/10, just because of the size :/
  15. Lol, something soo simple could look soo nice, goodjob!