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  1. tommymac

    Your Web Browser

    I have to work with IE a lot as my day job has a lot of web based software that is only compatible with IE. Once I am home, though, it's Chrome all the way.
  2. tommymac

    any account

    What is Planet Renders and why would I want an account there?
  3. tommymac

    Hey there, stiflex here.

    Welcome aboard. As a minecraft player myself, I'm interested in what you're cooking up with your minecraft community.
  4. tommymac

    Minecrafters Unite!!!

    I really do need to play the desktop version again sometime soon. I just feel that pocket edition is great for those moments when I have a little downtime and feel like a brief distraction. I could spend hours on the desktop, though.
  5. tommymac

    Which Control Panel Do You Prefer?

    Cpanel mainly because I am used to it and rely on its chronjob add-on for several things.
  6. tommymac

    Anyone Using Ruby On Rails?

    I've done some small rails projects before and I like certain aspects of Ruby. My one concern is scalability. I've heard some horror stories about Ruby and it's lack of scalability, but I had always thought that scalability was never a language issue, no matter what platform you're running.
  7. tommymac

    Last movie you watched

    Just watched Looper last night. I haven't liked a Bruce Willis movie in ages, but this sure changed that for me.
  8. tommymac

    I'm new. Could I get 'learned?

    So, just jumping into coding, would you all recommend someone start with HTML basics first, or go right away into PHP or a similar scripting language and bring in HTML along with it?
  9. tommymac

    ScreenShots of Code Blue

    This is good stuff so far, and I think it's a catchy name. To whom will you be marketing this CMS?
  10. tommymac

    What computer/laptop do you own?

    I've got an HP Netbook that is a few years old. I cracked the screen recently, and I find that I don't miss it, as my Tablet has taken over the Netbook duties in my house.
  11. tommymac

    Microsoft telephone scam

    These scams are getting trickier. I had a telemarketer call the other day that had a recorded message so good that I couldn't tell right away. It even responded to questions. It wasn't until I told it to go bugger that I discovered it was a sophisticated recording.
  12. tommymac

    I wouldn't put this past some people!

    Makes me wonder when the "Save" and "Save as" buttons will go from being a floppy disk icon to a cloud icon.
  13. tommymac

    What UNIX Flavor Works Fine For You?

    RedHat or Ubuntu. RedHat for work. Ubuntu for hobby.
  14. tommymac

    my first design :)

    Good stuff. There's some obvious talent there. Would love to see more from you.
  15. tommymac

    Clan TorChu-Blog

    Maybe do something that will make that middle column stand out a bit more against the black backdrop. Maybe a drop shadow for a more 3D effect