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  1. I have to work with IE a lot as my day job has a lot of web based software that is only compatible with IE. Once I am home, though, it's Chrome all the way.
  2. What is Planet Renders and why would I want an account there?
  3. Welcome aboard. As a minecraft player myself, I'm interested in what you're cooking up with your minecraft community.
  4. I really do need to play the desktop version again sometime soon. I just feel that pocket edition is great for those moments when I have a little downtime and feel like a brief distraction. I could spend hours on the desktop, though.
  5. Cpanel mainly because I am used to it and rely on its chronjob add-on for several things.
  6. I've done some small rails projects before and I like certain aspects of Ruby. My one concern is scalability. I've heard some horror stories about Ruby and it's lack of scalability, but I had always thought that scalability was never a language issue, no matter what platform you're running.
  7. Just watched Looper last night. I haven't liked a Bruce Willis movie in ages, but this sure changed that for me.
  8. So, just jumping into coding, would you all recommend someone start with HTML basics first, or go right away into PHP or a similar scripting language and bring in HTML along with it?
  9. This is good stuff so far, and I think it's a catchy name. To whom will you be marketing this CMS?
  10. I've got an HP Netbook that is a few years old. I cracked the screen recently, and I find that I don't miss it, as my Tablet has taken over the Netbook duties in my house.
  11. These scams are getting trickier. I had a telemarketer call the other day that had a recorded message so good that I couldn't tell right away. It even responded to questions. It wasn't until I told it to go bugger that I discovered it was a sophisticated recording.
  12. Makes me wonder when the "Save" and "Save as" buttons will go from being a floppy disk icon to a cloud icon.
  13. RedHat or Ubuntu. RedHat for work. Ubuntu for hobby.
  14. Good stuff. There's some obvious talent there. Would love to see more from you.
  15. Maybe do something that will make that middle column stand out a bit more against the black backdrop. Maybe a drop shadow for a more 3D effect
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