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  1. asenjo

    Minecrafters Unite!!!

    Hey I play Minecraft as well, but mostly the FTB modpack.The Feed the Beast modpack consists of various mods with new items such as: Buildcraft, Industrialcraft, Railcraft and it has the awesome mod: Portal Gun! Using this item you can create two portals and they link to eachother! You can see the other side of the portal by looking into it and this view also updates itself! Furthermore you are able to drag blocks, such as mob spawners, or entities, such as zombies, away to somewhere you would like them to be!
  2. asenjo

    What computer/laptop do you own?

    I am the proud owner of a HP Pavilion g6-2200!
  3. asenjo

    I'm new. Could I get 'learned?

    Hey man I'd recommend you to use books to learn programming, because books keep you more concentrated and they are more likely to give you assignments to make something. And the best way of learning is practice!
  4. asenjo

    my first design :)

    Looks really good for a first design! I think the only flaw is the weird dimensions, however that isn't really that big of a flaw
  5. asenjo

    leauge of legends

    Hey guys I'm playing as well, on EUW my IGN = Asenj0
  6. asenjo

    Which Control Panel Do You Prefer?

    I like cPanel the most, but maybe that is because I'm used to cPanel. I use it for all my hostings, but I might wanna try something new, because I have heard positive feedback on other control panels.
  7. asenjo

    Last movie you watched

    The last movie I have watched was "Ted''. A hilarious movie and sometimes I couldn't stop laughing. I would recommend this movie to you all.