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    I'm not a graphics expert, but man, I think it looks way cool!
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    gadgets & blogs

    Hi, As I said in my intro, I'm getting back into the game so I'm doing research on things that are probably 'old stuff' for others.. Anyway, I am starting to create a blog and I was wondering if there was like a "one stop shop" place for gadgets to add the standard Pinterest, FB, Twitter, RSS, etc. I have done some research on-line and I guess I've found a hodge podge of gadgets but when I look at other sites, it seems a lot of them have a seamless group of these gadgets that look very uniform and therefore, very professional together. There are some gadgets listed in the blogging software I'm using, but some of them don't seem to work and I ended up going right to FB and Twitter, etc. and picking up their code instead. So what is the website of choice to go pick up gadgets? Thanks in advance.
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    inkscape & SVG

    Thanks! Sounds wonderful.
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    inkscape & SVG

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had some advice for me. I was going through the SVG tutorial at W3Schools and they said that inkscape was the designer of choice for SVG. So I went to the inkscape.org site to download their software. I have Windows 7 64-bit and I am concerned about downloading their software because their site says it is a win32.exe. I found another site http://www.x64bitdownload.com/downloads/t-64-bit-inkscape-download-ltzcifii.html that supposedly has a Windows 64-bit version of Inkscape but I am hesitate to download it because I am not familiar with this website and I REALLY hate to download software from an unfamiliar site. So, does anyone know where I can get a 64-bit version of Inkscape or do you know of some FREE SVG design software that you would recommend? Thanks in advance!
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    this and that about me

    Hello, I joined this site in the hopes that I will pick up some tips and tricks about graphic design. I was a software developer for over 20 years, left the field for a few years but have recently decided to re-enter the world of information technology. I am really excited about the maturation of many of the tools used to create websites. I have to say that I am not at heart a graphic design artist. Some people have an artistic talent and other do not. I am in the latter group. Nevertheless, web sites require graphic design and although I probably will never win any awards I think I can still make a web site look presentable. I am currently working on a blog and I also have a couple of ideas for some web sites. Rome was not built in a day and my web sites won't be either. I continue to refresh my knowledge every day and will soon be picking up enough speed to really start digging into and creating my websites. I hope to frequent this forum to "talk graphic design". Who knows? Maybe I will have some tips to offer also. I am researching ALL THE TIME and am more than happy to share the knowledge I've gained.