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  1. I'm on the internet everyday, and usually for very long sessions. I can stay on the internet all day long, and I'm usually online for about 15 hours a day, How much time do you spend on the internet?
  2. I usually don't buy any designs, but I have sold some designs on digitalpoint in the past. Where do you buy and sell your designs?
  3. I have a Acer Aspire ASE380 Desktop and I plan on getting a better PC soon, but this does the job so I can work on my website. I'm think of getting a Asus laptop. What computer/laptop do you own?
  4. bauss

    Your Web Browser

    What web browser are you currently using? Do you use any others? I use google chrome, and sometimes internet explorer only to make sure my designs look the same in IE.
  5. bauss

    Website Planning

    How much time do you spend planning your website before you actually create it? I honestly don't spend very much time planning my websites, I just plan as I go along for most projects.
  6. I prefer cpanel, because I'm use to it, and it does everything I need, But I also don't mind direct admin. Which control panel do you prefer to manage your websites?
  7. bauss

    Website Builders

    Do you use any website builders when you create websites? I don't use any website builders, but when I first starting getting into web design I used freewebs which for hosting which had a built in website builder to make it easier for noobs.