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    Creating An app

    having a problem the call back url at present
  2. stfcdazza

    Creating An app

    its the whole thing confusing me
  3. stfcdazza

    Creating An app

    I have given some instructions which i do find a little tricky was wondering if anyone could help me its for creating an app for the bebo skin that i been created for a while now need this apps sorted now if anyone can help with the instructions i have attached and make them a little clearer i would be very grateful. Heres the instructions i have at present First you need to add the developer app http://www.bebo.com/developerapp then you need to create new app- Application Name* NAME OF YOUR APP Application URL* http://apps.bebo.com/ADD WHATEVER YOU WANT YOUR URL TO BE Application Type*WEB Canvas Display SNML Iframe I CHOSE IFRAME Categories*PICK YOUR CATEGORIES Description ADD A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR APP Who can add your application? Users All Profiles (users, bands, books, groups, etc) Callback URL*YOU NEED TO ADD A WEB ADDRESS MINES IS http://bebo--skins.blogspot.com/ Post Add URL - LEAVE BLANK Remove Callback URL - LEAVE BLANK Default SNML - ADD YOUR CODE(see below for code) IN THIS BOX Directory Icon (60x60) UPLOAD A PIC Lifestream Icon (40x40) Tiny Icon (16x16) Application Status Private Beta Public Beta Live - SELECT LIVE CODE Enter the code in the snml box its a new code for every skin this code is for my Always be yourself skin. <tr> <td style="background-image: url('http://i4.bebo.com/047a//17/skin//96...; background-position: right;background-repeat: no-repeat;" width=170><a href=/Profile.jsp?PreviewSkinId=9637504625><img src=http://s.bebo.com/img/vid.gif width=170 height=44 border=0></a></td><td>Always be yourself <br><div class=s><a href=/Profile.jsp?PreviewSkinId=9637504625>Try it on</a> | <a href=/SkinFavorites.jsp?Action=Add&SkinId=9637504625>Add to Favorites</a><br></a></td></tr> HOW TO GET YOUR OWN SKIN CODE view the skin you want to add to your app and right click on the module header view background image in the address bar is the URL & the number on it is your skin id. there are 5 bits of code you need to replace change all the numbers in the code with your own id skin numbers Change these bits of code for every skin you want to add to app 1. this is the first bit of code to replace ('http://i4.bebo.com/047a//17/skin//96... - change it to the url of your module header so it will be ('MODULE HEADER URL') 2. the next bit PreviewSkinId=9637504625 - change the numbers to your own skin id 3. PreviewSkinId=9637504625">Try it on</a><br> - change the numbers to your own skin id 4. change the name <td width=170>Always be yourself <br> change the name to your own skin name 5. Add&SkinId=9637504625 - change the numbers to your own skin id repeat the code for each skin you want to add to your app putting it in the line under your last bit of code Getting a scrollbar on your app Put this bit of code at the top before any other code <div style=" width:350px; height:372px; overflow:auto;"> Change the height to any number you want to make your app as long or short as you like, i've made my app 350px Putting the new image beside a skin Put this bit of code <img src=http://s.bebo.com/img/new.gif width=28 height=11> in this bit of your code Try it on</a> IN HERE <br> any help will be well apprectiated