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  1. klarawoodenjr

    gadgets & blogs

    What do you mean gadgets? Like plugins? Also, what blogging platform are you using right now?
  2. klarawoodenjr

    Website Builders

    You can also use wix and weebly, the interface is so easy to use and you can't go wrong with it. But if you are acquiring clients, I would advice you to at least learn html and css.
  3. klarawoodenjr

    Which Control Panel Do You Prefer?

    I also use cpanel for all my hosting accounts. It's very user friendly and you can easily spot what you need in your control panel.
  4. klarawoodenjr

    Few pictures of the Office Hard at work!

    That's a nice setup you got there. Just curious, how many users are there in your office.
  5. klarawoodenjr

    Greetings to you all

    Hello BND members, nice to meet you all. I'm currently an freelance web designer and still learning some basic stuffs on html/css/js/html5.