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  1. I personally use Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my main PC and Windows XP 32bit on my laptop. I use these OSs because they do everything I need, very stable and I have no other reason to change to another OS.
  2. I don't know why Microsoft would do this. Windows 8 is all about customization and personalisation, yet they ban 3rd party browsers? Very stupid and hopefully they'll loose a lot of sales due to this.
  3. Ok thanks. I'll take a look and try and get it sorted out.
  4. Ah okay, just wondering what programming languages you're into. I've not been learning for a while now so I only know the basics of Python, and of course HTML, CSS and PHP, but they're not really programming languages
  5. I've been thinking about that, but don't know how to go about doing it, as I just downloaded the theme and it made it like that. I'll have a look in the Templates section in the ACP and see if I can sort something out.
  6. Some very useful sites here. Thanks for putting them into a nice list
  7. Dude... that is one really nice design for your first design! The colors go good together and it overall looks really professional.
  8. Wow that's a really nice wallpaper! If this was a few years ago, I'd love to see what kind of stuff you can do now!
  9. The first thing I normally do is brainstorm some ideas, and then sketch a quick design of how I want it to look like on paper. After getting it to look like how I want it, I'll start designing it in Photoshop, and then eventually code it.
  10. This is a forum I created a few days ago with a few friends. As you can tell by the domain, it's main focus is on monetizing, but it has many other sections too. Here's the link: http://monetizingforums.biz/
  11. Wow that's a nice setup you've got going there. Just wondering, how big is your electricity bill? Haha.
  12. Beta is an early version of the game, meaning that it's not the full release and that features are more likely to be added.
  13. I also don't spend very long planning, I just like to think while I'm creating it, or else I'll get headaches Interesting thread idea!
  14. Like you, when I first got into website creation, I used web builders. But they are very limited as to what you can do, and most web builders don't allow you to edit the HTML or PHP.
  15. I prefer cPanel. It is very simple and easy to use, has lots of useful features and gets the job done well. Another reason I don't use any other CP is that cPanel does everything I need it to, so there's no need to switch.
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