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  1. hey guys i am simon aka xLethalx Just wanted to drop a thread here about any questions you have about graphic designing or any designs you need some help on or for me and other member to look at i have been designing myself now for a long time and most of my deisgns are now under lethal art producions if you look in the pixel section you will see most of my work so yea any hep you need do not be afraid to ask just drop a thread in 'graphic guru's' and i will try my best to help you as much as i can cheers simon
  2. Ok for you that Like MMORPG'S i suggest you get Aion its F2P and is such an awesome game if any of you are playing or start playing let me know and i will set up a Leguion for everyone to join that way we cann all get into Instances etc... and you can PM in game for any info you need
  3. Yea that's a great Idea how busy does this forum get these days ? If it's a regular thing with posts il stick around xD
  4. Anyone else tepted to get one of these new Intel 12 core processes with triple SLI haha
  5. here is a new one for your eyes....... don't fall in love now
  6. yes ladies and gents.... the amazing gfx designer and comedian i am is back on this forum for you only expect some new brave adring designs and some death defying funny coversation...... ha peace put for now chow chow !!!
  7. discuss... your fav weapon's veicles, maps etc....... give freindly tactics and advice too new players also..... go go go... see you all on the BATTLEFEILD !!!!
  8. Anyone up for a day of league of legends on Tuesday ??
  9. I will add you as soon as im able to get back on
  10. What is your tag on LoL dude so I can add you ?
  11. Lol but I rule on css sonig I go in go might be a noob haha don't want that to happen now
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