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  1. dreyz

    Web Hosting 101

    Very helpful. I'm currently looking at *REMOVED* site and wondering if it's a good web hosting service. Anyone tried using *REMOVED* before?
  2. dreyz

    Your Web Browser

    I use Google Chrome because it's an ease to surf with it's speed. Although it takes up multiple processes, it doesn't bother me because I'm not the type that runs too many things at once.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with this. Unless Google is deliberately storing our browsing session in their own data server, I'm fine with them giving suggestions to websites that I WILL visit anyway. Most of these suggestions are correct and it eases web-surfing.
  4. Oh God why? I cannot imagine going back to IE. It'll be a nightmare! Maybe I'm too early to judge, I don't know what Microsoft has in mind regarding internet browsers, but it's impossible not to know that they are blocking off 2 of the most used browsers currently. I'm sure they won't plainly do this if they didn't have a good reason to.
  5. dreyz

    What are you listening to?

    Lots of Japanese songs. I'm an Anime guy. I like songs by Aqua Timez, their songs are used as Bleach's opening themes.
  6. dreyz

    Last movie you watched

    I last watched Madagascar 3 with a bunch of friends. We had a good laugh. It's a good sequel to the other 2 shows. I'm yet to watch Dark Knight Rises though
  7. The first game I remembered playing a lot was Starcraft. I can vaguely remember those old SNES games, but I don't recall being addicted to them. I just remembered that they are fun!
  8. dreyz

    I'll Start This Off! Your Favorite Console?

    I think Xbox is cool, but I don't own one, so I would have to go with the old, classic Gameboy Advance. My Pokemon was always with me wherever I go. Those good old times
  9. dreyz

    A Trolling idea to do at the work place.

    Haha, I might try this! Seems fun and easy to pull on someone not aware or witty enough
  10. dreyz

    Something you might like...

    Wow, these are very...what's that word...real. A true work of art in meaning, if not style. I like it.
  11. dreyz


    Call me Drey, your regular teenager/gamer. Interested in CSS but never really got the time to learn it. Maybe I can find something useful from here. Hope to participate in the forums!