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Old days!!


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I cannot not talk about the old days, they were great!! We used to be a great team and we used to have a great big family (starts to sing barney's song!!!) LOL!! I can remember when we had our clan the forum was packed up with discussions and issues and god knows what.

I know this isn't a clan forum but without those great days we wouldn't probably be here.

So tell me guys - what do you miss most from those days.

PS Kyle - I know what you are thinking right now lol :P

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Very true, i loved the old days and haha gabs you do know what im thinking, have to bring them days back ;)

I would love to see more of the old team back here, be great, but we seem to be the only 3 left!

Well i would like to bring the old days back here, and create a new community were we are together again and expand even more this time.

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well I haven't seen anyone other than us around, Francis is around but he has two kids now - i don't think he has the time to be able to come here and discuss. Oh and we should not forget Edd - i see him around on xfire when i log in sometimes, but i dont think we want him around. To be totally honest I forgot who was with us in the clan. Other than the close ones. but oh well we will see what we can do. If we cant bring the old clan back, we can get a new one ;) i know we can do it!!

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hmmm i miss tho days throwing frags and shouting boom headshot!!! over teamspeak while playing css lol and i miss gabz accent lol it's soo cool :) but most of all the clan games we used to play no matter how bad we done you all kind off never let it get to you and pull out a temendous win i was soo proud lool :)

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