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Before I proceed, know that my site was created using Weebly; I have not coded it at all.

Now, my site: clantorchublog, is a clan hosted site for my X-Box LIVE clan... TorChu! It's pretty much been my pet-project for the past few years, and I haven't tried anything serious with it. Regardless, I'm open to constructive criticism.

To be honest, all it's really there for is to say: "Hey, we exist!"

If anyone knows how I could easily set-up a login system for my members, that would be great!


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Very nice, clean layout, only thing i would change would be the banner, it kinda spoils the overall layout, as you have chopped and put two images together to make it, try make something that looks like its done correctly and blended nicely and that would make the website look alot better.

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Looks pretty good. Lacking something though, maybe some background image? And also the header banner maybe needs some edit. However I like it man, I think it's on a good way ;)

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