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NEW CSS Design

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Updated to a new design, as i have started learning CSS and changed my angle of approach going for a clean and more efficient website.

Hope you enjoy it

I know its different but its a cleaner design and alot more up to date.

Black Nova Designs

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I guess you are talking about the main page. If I may I would like to suggest certain things.

I think that the banner is too big, the width is good, however the height is too excessive.

Navigation bar is pretty good however try to add more padding to the texts, if you are using dreamweaver is simple to edit it, just add a new rule to the text. it should come aprox like this;

a {padding: n;


ofcourse there is the padding left right, just add one else you will have a huge space in between.

I am not sure what you are using to divide the page but i suggest you use

they are my gods easy to use and easy to change with css just remember to give them an id such as

oh and one last thing, because i feel like i am saying too much - when i have a website that involves a forum or a blog, i usually assign a frame to a div so that on the main page people can have a sneak peek on to what is going on in the forum. but as i said, just a thought.

I hope that i didnt intrude on your work, but its a great site :)

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