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Please Read before Posting!

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This place is for getting community feedback on your site or template including forum, blog, cms and other templates and any basic, intermediate, or advanced website templates you may have.

This place is not

for graphic or site design, or any site template discussion go to Graphics & Webdesign (If you need help on how to do this or that on Photoshop or how to do a template for your bulletin board)

for problems with coding languages (such as HTML/CSS/PHP) go to the programming forum

for problems with 3rd party programs go to 'All Other Support' (such as Joomla, Drupal ... etc.)

for posting a tutorial/looking for a tutorial go to Tutorials

for posting rival Hosting or Graphics Design Websites.

There are special rules for this forum.

- We highly encourage Constructive Criticism when reviewing another person's template. Any rude behavior to another member shall not and will not be tolerated.

- Do not just give a score when you review it, I consider any "4/5" or any "I think it's good" without any decent explanation spam and I will delete the post, because it is not helpful to the creator why you gave him that score. If I see you doing this repetitively I will consider an infraction as a reasonable punishment.

Ok, When can I PM you?

I tolerate my PMs differently compared to other staff members. If you want to PM me, please make sure you gone through the other staff first, unless its a very urgent matter.

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