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What UNIX Flavor Works Fine For You?

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With so many variations of UNIX flavors around, mostly called LINUX, I wonder what you guys use.


Personally, I have worked on SCO (that was one UNIX which I loved), Red Hat, Fedora, and Ubuntu. Today, as I am mostly at home, and not in a Corporate Envionment, I do miss working on the larger netwrok versions, SCO still being the one I miss, but I do appreciate Ubuntu which is lightweight and almost many goodies come pre-bundled.


What about you?

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Ive used, ArchBang, Ubuntu, SUSE, Red Hat and obviously im still using Centos as our Servers run it.


I do miss using the other variations of UNIX / LINUX as i don't get to use the others as much now, as i only run Centos now, but we do get an odd Linux Computer in to repair in the office, so can be good to bring the memories back :)

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Ah yes, working at a place where you still get to be in touch with the OS you loved can really be so pleasing. I remember when XP became the de-facto here in India, and I was working as a systems guy, some households would still call up and I would be surprised to see them using the Windows 98 and that was one OS which I felt so good with. And same today, when I see many still using XP here in my state and country.


It is sad that Linux/UNIX could never get that popularity which MS OS do have or even the MACs have. Maybe just because these UNIX/LINUX were not meant to be used on Desktops. But those who have worked on these, I am sure, like me, they would never appreciate much on Windows or others.

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