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Banned! Smoking in cars carrying children to become a criminal offence

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Smoking in a car carrying children will become a criminal offence after MPs backed a new law in the commons yesterday.

The new law is set to come into force within a year. MPs backed the ban by 376 votes to 107, a majority of 269  following a 90 minute debate in the Commons.


Anyone found smoking in a car carrying children will face a £60 fine or points on their licence when the law comes into effect, which is expected to before the election, most likely in April next year.

During the 90 minutes of debate in the Commons supporters of the legislation insisted it was vital to protect children from the dangers of second hand smoke.


Opponents said it was further evidence of the ’nanny state’ seeking to interfere in the private lives of drivers.

Both Swindon MPs backed the ban.

Robert Buckland, the MP for South Swindon said: “After much thought, I decided that I would support a ban on smoking in cars when children are present.”


“Already, smoking in shared vehicles is subject to a ban, so the argument that the inside of a vehicle is different from a public place is not sustainable.  Secondly, it was said that the seatbelt law was in enforceable, but it led to a wholesale change in habits when we travel in vehicles, so the enforceability argument doesn't work either.  Thirdly, the rights of children not to have their health damaged by toxic smoke must be  protected.”


Justin Tomlinson, the MP for North Swindon said: “As the Vice Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Party Group for Heart, I have been heavily involved in this area.  I voted for a ban as this sends a clear message that it isn't appropriate to smoke in a car whilst there is a child passenger. 


“This will be an important step in changing behavioural habits. I had also conducted a Facebook poll on this, which attracted over 5,000 views with the comments overwhelmingly in support of a ban.”


Taken from FlicWiltshire.com



Whats everyones views on this? I'm a smoker and i believe it should be banned when ever there is a child in the car, but if you are alone or with just a friend then it should be allowed, but its not the babies choice to smoke!



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