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Cpanel update and Single Sign-On now implemented

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of Single Sign-On and cPanel 54

You know have a seamless connection between your account area and cPanel now, you have the ability to carry out quick from cpanel in your account area and also do certain task in cpanel that relate to your account area, please see image below:



With Single Sign-On and cPanel, you can access features and functions of the client area directly from within your cPanel control panel. Clicking any link will securely authenticate the you in the background and then redirect you to the requested page, giving you a simpler and more convenient experience with your business and services.

OAuth 2.0

Our Single Sign-On implementation is based on the popular and widely used OAuth 2.0 authorization framework which outlines a secure workflow for accessing user data while protecting their account credentials.

The OAuth 2.0 implementation is also being utilised for OpenID Connect and lays the foundations for our upcoming Client API which will make it possible for even more powerful integrations with third party applications.

What's more, in cPanel 54, you will be able to login to your cPanel accounts using their client area login credentials. Neat huh? This is thanks to the introduction of OpenID Connect, an extension of the OAuth 2.0 specification framework, and can be leveraged by any system that supports the OpenID specification. More on this to follow.



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