Bespoke Network Installation Services for You

Experts in Home Wi-fi Solutions and Enterprise level Structured Cabling and Connectivity Solutions

We can help ensure your system and IT equipment is being utilised at its optimum performance, to ensure the full potential of the company productivity and operations are being met through the systems and programs currently in use. Providing installation and support for all your needs, including server setups and firewall integration for any small or medium businesses within the Wiltshire area. Contact us to find out more about how we can provide your business with full IT support for your network and set up, without incurring additional overhead costs.

Maximise Your Network Now and Unlock Your Network Performance!

Why use BND for your network upgrade project?


Whether you are looking to purchase networking equipment and require installation, or are simply looking for an experienced partner to install equipment and configure existing components, Black Nova Designs can help.

By choosing Black Nova Designs for your network installation, you or your business are put in the hands of a vast wealth of expertise, and proven track record for deploying the very best in networking solutions, through our end-to-end approach.

From Installation and configuration to the design, installation, and management of bespoke network solutions, you can rest assured an installation solution provided by Black Nova Designs, will work for you and your business, with reliablity and efficiency.

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  • Centos
  • Wordpress
  • Opencart
  • CodeBlue CMS
  • Engintron Nginx