PC, Laptop and Mac Repair Services

Our technicians have over 10 years of experience in the trade and have accumulated an impressive skill-set, allowing us to provide a fast, expert service that you can rely on. We cover a lot of ground; based in Lyneham, Wiltshire, we can cater to customers across Wiltshire, and the rest of the UK.
  • Broken Laptop Screen

    Screen Damage

    We can repair or replace broken, cracked, dim & flickering laptop screens.
    From £60

  • Factory Reset

    Factory Reset

    We are able to reformat your computer and bring back the power and speed in your computer, without losing your data.

  • Hardware Failure

    Hardware Failure

    We are able to fix or replace broken or faulty hardware, whether it be a motherboard or just a RAM module.
    From £30

  • Virus and Malware

    Virus & Malware

    Computer infected? We can get our experts to remove the virus and help you prevent it happening.
    From £30

  • Liquid Damage

    Liquid Damage

    Even if you have submerged your laptop or just spilt coffee on it, we can repair it.
    From £30

  • Got a Mac?

    Got a Mac?

    We can fix and support all Mac desktops and laptops too.
    From £45

  • Internet Security

    Internet Security

    Get us to install the latest protection to keep you safe while you surf.
    Price dependent on the software you choose.

  • Broadband Issues

    Broadband Issues

    Slow internet speed, connections issues getting you in a twist. We can solve it for you.
    From £45

  • Power Problems

    Power Problems

    We can diagnose and fix most common power issues.
    From £25

  • Software Corruption

    Software Corruption

    Software corrupted on your lovely machine? We can solve the problem.
    From £30

  • Custom Built PC

    Custom Built PC

    We can provide you with state-of-the-art products to up date your machine, or design a system made for your needs.
    Check out our Custom Build Page

  • On-Site Repair

    On-Site Repair

    We are able to carry out certain repairs at your home, please give us a call on 01793 21005 for more details.


Safety and Peace of Mind

We carry out all our PC and laptop repairs in a safe and secure workshop. We follow strict health and safety protocols to ensure no damage or injuries occur to you, us or any machine. All computers are kept in a locked storage area with on-site security for optimum protection.

Remote Assistance

We can provide remote assistance to your PC, allowing you to stay at home or in the office while we fix the issue and you enjoy a nice cuppa. We also have a no-installation software that allows you to have remote assistance without having to install software on your machine, just a file that downloads and just runs without affecting any of your documents or programs.

Pick-up & Drop-off Service

We are able to provide a pick-up & drop-off service, please see Pricing Guide for more detials.

Zone Desription Price
Zone 1 Within 15miles of SN15 4JH £10
Zone 2 16-25 miles from SN15 4JH £20
Zone 3 30-45miles from SN15 4JH £30
Zone 4 45+ miles from SN15 4JH Contact us for pricing
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