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How our Build a PC Days are sparking a passion for technology in young people

How our Build a PC Days are sparking a passion for technology in young people

Earlier this year, our founder Kyle was asked by one of his friends if he would show their child how to build a gaming PC. Kyle, who was fascinated by gaming and computers as a child, jumped at the chance to share his skills with a young person, especially as he knows how valuable those skills can be in adulthood. That early obsession with computers and games introduced Kyle to the world of IT, leading to a successful career and now his very own business. Kyle spent an afternoon helping his young fellow gamer understand the different components of a PC and how to optimse it for the best possible gaming experience.

An idea to share IT knowledge with the next generation

Kyle was chatting to Danielle about how fulfilling it had been and how much he had enjoyed sharing his skills, and the two decided to see if there was an appetite for more local kids to learn how to build a PC. After all, IT is such an integral part of our lives and, as Kyle’s story demonstrates, you never know where it could take someone when they reach adulthood. Perhaps by putting on some workshops they could inspire more kids to develop a passion for IT?

The first-ever Build a PC Day would take place in our Calne office on a Saturday morning in April, and there were ten spaces up for grabs for kids and young people aged 10 to 16 years old. The spaces would be on a totally free, and allocated on a first come, first served basis. The idea was to keep group sizes small so that the kids would benefit from plenty of support and tuition and be able to get to know each other properly too. Kyle would set up five workstations with the basic components needed to build a PC – cases, motherboards, CPUs, thermal paste, a mouse, a keyboard and so on – and the kids would work in pairs to complete the task. The kits were identical and once they were built and Windows had been installed, the kids would get a certificate to take home with them alongside their new IT skills. This would be the first event of its kind ever held in Wiltshire, and we were all excited to see how it went.

A sell-out event to kick off our Build a PC Days

The April event was a huge success, with all the tickets allocated just 48 hours after they went live. Ten boys and girls showed up on that Saturday morning to learn how to build a PC from scratch, and they really threw themselves into it.  Kyle was joined by former Black Nova Designs apprentice and avid gamer Lewis, with the two both giving up their time for free to support the next generation in their quest to learn about PCs. The feedback from both kids who attended and their parents was excellent. It was decided that the sessions would run once a month during term time, and we so started planning the next event.

When May’s Build a PC Day rolled around, despite all ten spaces being snapped up well in advance, only five kids turned up. Despite being initially rather disappointed, Kyle soon saw the benefit of a smaller group. This lucky bunch had lots of 1:1 tuition and the chance to ask as many questions as they liked, which they certainly did! Kyle loves answering questions about tech and the morning flew by with everyone having fun and learning a huge amount. The Build a PC Day which followed in June followed a similar pattern, with spaces selling out quickly in advance, but this time six kids showed up on the Saturday morning to take part. But, as demonstrated by the success of the May event too, the smaller group were able to access more tuition and so the day was still a great success. The kids gained new insight into how computers work and their confidence around IT improved in just that one day.

Build a PC Days set to return in the autumn

While the smaller group sizes certainly had their benefits, Kyle and the rest of the team here are keen to ensure that lots of children and young people can come to a Build a PC Day. That means there are a few changes on the way for the days we hold in the future! We’re planning events in September, October and November (read on for more details) and this time, we’re adding a £5 charge to reserve each space. The profits will all go to the amazing mental health charity MIND, but we hope it will ensure people who book a spot turn up on the day! The Build a PC Days are a rare opportunity for young people, especially in a relatively small town in a very rural county, to learn how to build a PC from scratch and access tuition from an experienced IT professional. Raising money for one of our favourite charities is a real bonus too, and we hope we can share a little bit about what MIND does with the kids who attend too.

The next three Build a PC Days will take place at our offices in Calne on the 10th of September, the 8th of October and the 12th of November, all of which are Saturdays. November 12. We’re already busy planning them so please keep an eye on our social media for updates and use the link below to secure your kid’s spot on whichever date works best. Interactive learning is proven to be the best way of educating children – especially when it comes to IT! It’s such a complex and multifaceted industry but being able to see the children spark their passion for it at our events is just incredible.

You can book tickets for the upcoming Build a PC Days here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/build-a-pc-day-tickets-379576422297 and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Parents are welcome to stick around during the event or can head off and enjoy some child-free time until it’s time to head back to pick them up.

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